Monday, June 11, 2012


Monday is back!  I had a really good weekend!  Although last week was a little overwhelming...for a few reasons...

Through joining Visalus I've also meant some really great people.   Last week, one of these great famillies lost their 14 month old girl.   This family is also best friends with a family that I know personally, and who introduced to me this company, and to the products that are helping me with my fitness, and weight loss goals.   I had never met little Eva personally, only her mother.  From the moment I heard about the accident (which was Wednesday morning) it consumed me.   Having a little girl myself, I keep thinking about little Eva, I feel for her parents, for her sisters, for her grandparents, for her aunts and uncles...everyone.... and I just cry.  Friday night I had planned to attend a Bachelorette party, but I just couldnt do it.  I felt I needed to be home with my girl, and staring at pictures of little Eva, I just cried.

Her funeral is tonight.... and I just cannot imagine.

Saturday and Sunday were good.  Saturday was spent at the pool with Addison, and my friend/cousin and her son.  I did get a bit burnt, especially my legs.  Eeek.  Addison got a little burnt under the eyes.  She started using her Puddle Jumper this week, which I found through one of the blogs I read

She loves it, doesnt mind wearing it, which is great!!  Saturday night was just a Target run, and a Chipotle dinner outside on the kids picnic table :)

Sunday, I was planning on having another Challenge party, but due to the nice weather a lot of people ended up canceling on me, which worked out fine.  We were able to spend some time with the people who did come, and we BBQ'd, and had some beers and skinny margaritas :)

I also spent a lot of time reading "Fifty shades of Grey" I LOVE this book.  I am almost done with the first one, and ordered the other two yesterday.  I hope to have them delivered soon.  I dont know how long I can wait from finishing this one, and starting the next ;)

I love weekends :)


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