Friday, December 14, 2012

I love this girl.

Everyday I am literally in awe, of how wonderful this little girl is. How smart she is.  How much I love her.  She really is the greatest.  My heart is full.:)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Usually Addison would get to visit with Santa at the annual Lallas Christmas party, however this year the flu went through our home.  It started with Addison the weekend of Thanksgiving, and then Nate and myself got it the following weekend.  So, we missed the party.

Santa is at our association's Community Center every year, but we've never gone before.   This year we did go, and it was just fine!  It wasnt busy, and Santa was great.  Addison sat on his lap, told him she wanted a Leap Pad, and he made her a flower balloon.  (Ms. Claus taught him how to do that)

They had cookies, and hot chocolate.  They were giving sleigh rides, but we didnt participate in that.

Cute side note:  In the truck on the way there, she had planned to ask Santa for two things.
1) Leap Pad
2) Pillow Pet with Dream Lites.

Under all of Santa pressure, she only asked for the Leap Pad.

I think Grandma Geri is getting her a Pillow Pet with dream lites, but if she doesnt... at least I wont feel as bad, because technically, she did not ask for the Pillow Pet from Santa ;)

Here are a few photos.

We also celebrated my dad's Birthday.   His actual Birthday is on the 30th of November, but we had planned to celebrate on the 8th.   We went out for Chinese at the local Q Mandarin in Cambridge, and then went back to my parents house for gifts and cupcakes.

Next weekend we are planning on baking cookies with a couple of my cousin's and their kids.  Should be a good time :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I cannot believe it is December..... 12th already!

Hello third trimester!  This pregnancy has gone by crazy fast.  Most likely because this time around I have a 3 year old, and the Holidays to keep me busy.  When I was pregnant with Addison I basically had all the time in the world to plan for her, and it seemed like it took FOREVER!   I do still have the worst part(s) to come... getting bigger, more uncomfortable, the C-section and everything that comes along with that. 

We are VERY excited to add another little peanut into our home, and add to our crazy/busy life :)   I hope the pregnancy continues to be low key, as I know I've been lucky this time around (thus far).

Recently, I've been having Addison feel her kicks, and punches.  We also sang "Twinkle, Twinkle little star to the baby last night" since the baby can hear now, according the my 27 week update from the bump. :)

We havent done anything to prepare for the new addition, but I've been through it once, with what I would call a high maintenance, healthy baby.   Not sure how much I can prepare to adding another one to our house.  I am sure Addison will go through a jealous stage, and I am sure I will be more tired then I already am, but kids are SO worth it.  :)

Main thing is to purchase a Fisher Price Rocker for the baby to sleep in before she arrives.

Here I am, 26 weeks along.  Family photo snapped in front of my parents Christmas tree, while celebrating my amazing dad's Birthday! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pregnant Belly + Fat

No idea why the picture is going in like this, but whatever.  Here is my first belly pic with baby #2.   22 weeks.  I told myself I would not gain weight like I did with Addison, but guess what... I am.  My face is super round... my thighs are like jello... and yeah.

I'll blame in on the Halloween Candy I've been eating.
The chocolate milk I've been loving.
The Twinkies and Oreos I bought (which I've not bought since)
and pregnancy.
I'll get real fat for pregnancy... but I do have to lay off the other crap.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Gifts - Check!

Okay, so I love the Holiday Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The one thing I worry about with Christmas is the amount of money I end up shelling out for gifts.  This year I started with Addison early, so I wouldnt feel so overwhelmed, and now she is basically done!  So exciting!

When you ask Addison what she wants for Christmas, there are basically 3 things she sticks with, among other wishes she has.

Leap Pad(known to her as the game that Mason brings with to the restraunt) - CHECK Loving Family Living Room(so her dolls can watch Tangled) - CHECK
Tangled- CHECK

She also wants a horse (one for her) and one for her doll.   I might get one for her doll, but she will not be receiving a horse this year.

1) They are to exspensive
2) We have no space for a horse
3) I dont want to take care of a horse

I also purchased a couple of plush Princesses.  When she was into Toy Story, I ordered her all of the plush characters (which she still loves), Yo Gabba Gabba plush Characters when she loved them.  Nemo when she loved him.   So far I've ordered Ariel and Cinderella.  I'd also like to get Rapunzel, but I like to wait for deals.   I like to check almost daily for deals.  When I order Ariel and Cinderella, they happened to have a free shipping day.  Bonus!

Now the leap pad will be from "Santa", and I will put a couple of games with that.  I've got Crayola and Letter Factory to go along with that.  As far as stocking stuffers, I figure I will put the two movies I got her Tangled, and Madagascar.

I got a couple of coloring books to throw in there also.  Probably a couple other small things for the stocking. :)

Another item we decided on this year is the Leap Frog Tag system, my cousin got this for her son for his 3rd Birthday, and I thought this seemed like a fun, educational toy.  I just need to get a book or two to go with it.

My most recent purchase for Addison, and will be a fun one for all of us is Just Dance 4, for Wii.  She loves her kids dance game that she has for the Wii, she also loves the song "Call my Maybe"... one of the things her and Mason like to do at Mason's house in play the Just Dance game.  I know she'll love it! :)

There a few other things I've purchased for her, but I think these are the main ones.  I feel like I am off to a very good start, and pretty much done with my most exspensive gift recipient :)

Happy Halloween

Originally Addison wanted to be a Princess this year.  We had the dress, and crown.   We had originally purchased a wand, but it broke before we got home.  A week or so before Halloween she said she wanted to be a monkey for her Halloween party at Daycare, and the princess for Trick or Treating.   Well, come Halloween day she decided she was a monkey all day, and night. 

She loves her 2nd cousins, but basically cousins Jorie and Mason!  She was able to go trick or treating with Mason this year, and have pizza with him for dinner.  It was a fun night.  The weather was beautiful.  It wasnt real cold, just a little chilly.   No rain, no snow.  Perfect evening, until a man dressed in green spandex from head to toe, ran down the stairs and scared the daylights out of Addison and Mason.  It was pretty funny. :)

Yay for lots of treats, and fun! :) 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's new...?

Second baby in the making.  20 weeks, 1 day and was able to see our #2 yesterday.  I see my regular Doctor tomorrow to go over the ultrasound, but from what we could see everything looked good.  We did find out that we will be expecting another little girl in March.  We are really excited!  We both went into it not really caring what we had (although I think Nate was leaning towards girl).  I thought giving Addison a little sister would be wonderful, but I also thought having one of each would be great.  It was a win win for me. 

We had told Addison she was going to be a big sister, and she has asked me why my belly was getting fat.  She knew I had a baby in my belly, and would tell me she also has a baby in her belly (yikes, not for years and years down the road) :)
But yesterday, we showed her pictures, and told her she was going to have a sister.  Her first response to the photos was that it was so dark in my belly. :)  She also looked like she was going to cry, however, lightened up a bit once I told her how much of a helper she will be for mommy and daddy.  :)  I know she will make a good big sister, she loves babies, and is so good with them.  Its exciting, and scary all at the same time :)

Addison has been giving me a run for my money as of late.  I always thought she was such a good girl, and she is (sometimes).  She has been sassy, and doing a lot more crying latley, over the smallest of things.  There have been a lot of days where I am pretty sure I've had enough, but then she goes from sour to sweet. :)