Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Gifts - Check!

Okay, so I love the Holiday Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The one thing I worry about with Christmas is the amount of money I end up shelling out for gifts.  This year I started with Addison early, so I wouldnt feel so overwhelmed, and now she is basically done!  So exciting!

When you ask Addison what she wants for Christmas, there are basically 3 things she sticks with, among other wishes she has.

Leap Pad(known to her as the game that Mason brings with to the restraunt) - CHECK Loving Family Living Room(so her dolls can watch Tangled) - CHECK
Tangled- CHECK

She also wants a horse (one for her) and one for her doll.   I might get one for her doll, but she will not be receiving a horse this year.

1) They are to exspensive
2) We have no space for a horse
3) I dont want to take care of a horse

I also purchased a couple of plush Princesses.  When she was into Toy Story, I ordered her all of the plush characters (which she still loves), Yo Gabba Gabba plush Characters when she loved them.  Nemo when she loved him.   So far I've ordered Ariel and Cinderella.  I'd also like to get Rapunzel, but I like to wait for deals.   I like to check almost daily for deals.  When I order Ariel and Cinderella, they happened to have a free shipping day.  Bonus!

Now the leap pad will be from "Santa", and I will put a couple of games with that.  I've got Crayola and Letter Factory to go along with that.  As far as stocking stuffers, I figure I will put the two movies I got her Tangled, and Madagascar.

I got a couple of coloring books to throw in there also.  Probably a couple other small things for the stocking. :)

Another item we decided on this year is the Leap Frog Tag system, my cousin got this for her son for his 3rd Birthday, and I thought this seemed like a fun, educational toy.  I just need to get a book or two to go with it.

My most recent purchase for Addison, and will be a fun one for all of us is Just Dance 4, for Wii.  She loves her kids dance game that she has for the Wii, she also loves the song "Call my Maybe"... one of the things her and Mason like to do at Mason's house in play the Just Dance game.  I know she'll love it! :)

There a few other things I've purchased for her, but I think these are the main ones.  I feel like I am off to a very good start, and pretty much done with my most exspensive gift recipient :)


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