Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I cannot believe it is December..... 12th already!

Hello third trimester!  This pregnancy has gone by crazy fast.  Most likely because this time around I have a 3 year old, and the Holidays to keep me busy.  When I was pregnant with Addison I basically had all the time in the world to plan for her, and it seemed like it took FOREVER!   I do still have the worst part(s) to come... getting bigger, more uncomfortable, the C-section and everything that comes along with that. 

We are VERY excited to add another little peanut into our home, and add to our crazy/busy life :)   I hope the pregnancy continues to be low key, as I know I've been lucky this time around (thus far).

Recently, I've been having Addison feel her kicks, and punches.  We also sang "Twinkle, Twinkle little star to the baby last night" since the baby can hear now, according the my 27 week update from the bump. :)

We havent done anything to prepare for the new addition, but I've been through it once, with what I would call a high maintenance, healthy baby.   Not sure how much I can prepare to adding another one to our house.  I am sure Addison will go through a jealous stage, and I am sure I will be more tired then I already am, but kids are SO worth it.  :)

Main thing is to purchase a Fisher Price Rocker for the baby to sleep in before she arrives.

Here I am, 26 weeks along.  Family photo snapped in front of my parents Christmas tree, while celebrating my amazing dad's Birthday! :)


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