Thursday, December 13, 2012


Usually Addison would get to visit with Santa at the annual Lallas Christmas party, however this year the flu went through our home.  It started with Addison the weekend of Thanksgiving, and then Nate and myself got it the following weekend.  So, we missed the party.

Santa is at our association's Community Center every year, but we've never gone before.   This year we did go, and it was just fine!  It wasnt busy, and Santa was great.  Addison sat on his lap, told him she wanted a Leap Pad, and he made her a flower balloon.  (Ms. Claus taught him how to do that)

They had cookies, and hot chocolate.  They were giving sleigh rides, but we didnt participate in that.

Cute side note:  In the truck on the way there, she had planned to ask Santa for two things.
1) Leap Pad
2) Pillow Pet with Dream Lites.

Under all of Santa pressure, she only asked for the Leap Pad.

I think Grandma Geri is getting her a Pillow Pet with dream lites, but if she doesnt... at least I wont feel as bad, because technically, she did not ask for the Pillow Pet from Santa ;)

Here are a few photos.

We also celebrated my dad's Birthday.   His actual Birthday is on the 30th of November, but we had planned to celebrate on the 8th.   We went out for Chinese at the local Q Mandarin in Cambridge, and then went back to my parents house for gifts and cupcakes.

Next weekend we are planning on baking cookies with a couple of my cousin's and their kids.  Should be a good time :)


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